Dear Dr. Smith:

I am pleased to write about Karen's and my experience with [the mouth appliance you prepared for her].

A few years ago, Karen started snoring.  Her condition quickly intensified such that her snoring became louder and louder and occurred every night.  Needless to say, our sleep was seriously disturbed.  Consequently, she saw several doctors.  She was found to be suffering with sleep apnea and finally was fitted for the CPAP.  She used it for several months, but never became comfortable.  And while CPAP seemed to help somewhat, it was cumbersome and often noisy.  After months of frustration, she was refered to you.

Your care was excellent.  Within a few months she received the mouth appliance for which you fit her.  She wore it that night -- no snoring and, for the first time in a long time, a sound night's sleep for us both.  Now, several months later, we can report complete success.  Karen has used [the appliance] every night -- snoring is over, good sleeping has returned.

(You have my permission to use me as a reference, and to quote this letter as you like.)

Thank you!


Charles B. Schudson, Sedona

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Hi  Bill,

Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know G___ was in to see me & had nothing but good to say about her whole experience with you and getting her OA! She is so very thankful and has not had a migraine since she started using it. She is using both the OA and CPAP. I explained she could just use the OA but she said she can not sleep without the CPAP.
I just wanted to thank you for taking such good care of her! I appreciate it & she sure does as well.

Thanks again,
Danielle V.,RCP
Respiratory & Sleep Solutions 406-396-9378
February 2013